Yukon’s Quest for Frozen Treats

Yukon’s Quest for Frozen Treats

By Alexander

A little bit over a decade ago, Yukon lost a monarch. A frozen dairy monarch, to be exact. I’m not sure of the exact dates, but at some point in the mid 2000’s Whitehorse’s branch of Dairy Queen shut down. Children were crying to their mothers: “Mommy, I want Ice cream”, but their mothers could not oblige. How could they? There was panic in the streets, and Whitehorse fell into chaos.

That mostly happened in my head actually, although, at the time I believe it was the only ice cream store in town, so Whitehorse should have fell into mass pannick. But, our dear DQ is gone nonetheless.

At some point I started a Facebook page called “The Whitehorse Dairy Queen Project”. Some people thought it was actually DQ calling out to see if people wanted them to come back, others shared what frozen treats they missed. In any case, my page got overwhelming support, with hundreds of likes and shares. I shut that page down a while ago, but that got me thinking; You always hear rumors that Dairy Queen is coming back, but does anybody actually care? My Facebook page was one thing, but I may have been lucky by getting all of the fans. Does it really matter though? There are still places around the territory to get good frozen treats, so has the need for DQ been put on the back burner?

I became determined and fortunately, through Shakat, I can get an answer.

I’ll go with my opinion first. Personally, I think that Lil’s place, the 50’s themed diner from a few years back, had the potential to be a good replacement, but they shut down too.  I have positive memories from Dairy Queen though, like when I cried because they had no Digimon toys left so the manager gave me the one they had in the display case. That was fun. So, I would love to have Dairy Queen back.  That’s why I started this whole thing. I miss the sundaes and Dilly Bars. Please.

Apparently, I inherited my preference in frozen treats. When I called out on Facebook, my own Mother, Teresa Waugh, replied “Bring back DQ! I miss the Blizzards! I miss the Dilly Bar! I miss the ice cream cakes!!! I miss DQ! Lol” clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Kaelin Parker seems to think DQ would be a good think to bring back. With several ‘Thumbs up emojis’, included in her comment (technology is wild), Kaelin exclaims that “we need more varieties of good ice-creams”, and I can sympathize with her. The only Ice-cream availability in downtown Whitehorse are Mcdonalds, and the Marble Slab. There are usually only a handful of frozen treat venues in the communities, and they aren’t always open year-round. I like their ice-cream as much as the next guy, but I seriously think that Dairy Queen should be brought back.

“My childhood heart says yes” states Teagyn Vallevand. “I remember going there when I was little and it was awesome! I never understood why it closed in the first place. It would be great if it came back, because then I could have DQ in the home territory instead of when I’m visiting other places like Vancouver or wherever.”

What does somebody who didn’t grow up all the way in the Yukon have to say? Aurora Hardy lived in Alberta for the majority of her childhood, but she lives here now so I reached out to her. “Yes! So, on one hand, people of Whitehorse don’t need yet another chain restaurant coming in, exploiting resources, creating more health problems. On the other, Peanut Buster Parfait is a blessup” I have no idea what a “blessup” is, but she obviously wants it back. No health issue can sway the true desire for chocolate coated frosty dairy desserts in any Yukoner’s heart.

I was quite surprised at the result of this experiment. I reached out on social media both through  a post and through direct message, to see where Whitehorse stands on the issue. It was honestly one of my most popular posts. I don’t know if I’m just boring, or if us Northerners have been deprived of what we need for way too long. There were several comments on my post with touching stories and of memories. Some people remember DQ through a very nostalgic pair of glasses. Memories were shared of parents taking their kids out for dessert, and bringing ice cream to class. All of them are very tmoving stories, but due to the “massive” response I got, I could not include all of them in their fullest.

I hope this message causes a rift in time and space, and through some kind of sciencey stuff, a new Dairy Queen will show up, and the Yukon will rejoice. It’s obvious that having a Dairy Queen back would cause very positive change in people’s minds (not necessarily for their health). That being said, through my personal experience and exhaustive research, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the people of the north want their Queen back.

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