Kristina Kane’s Re-election

Kristina Kane’s Re-election


For the past six years, Kristina Kane has served as the Chief of the Yukon’s Ta’an Kwach’an Council, one of the fourteen First Nations who reside within the Territory.

On Monday, October 15th, Kane was re-elected to serve another term, which will last for three years. 
Of the 397 eligible voters who make up the First Nation, only 223 cast their ballots. This means that voter turnout for the election was only 56%. Of those votes, Kane received 123, more than half of the votes cast.

For the position of Chief, she defeated competitors Amanda Leas, John S. Bunbury and Tiffany Eckert-Maret.
In the Ta’an Kwach’an Newsletter, Kane stated that her government and administration would continue on their current path of implementing their final and self-government agreements with the government of Canada.

Her key priorities will be education, health, housing, employment & training, language and increased programming for social development.
“I value positive leadership based on respect, honesty, truth, love, wisdom, humility, courage and equality and look forward to working with our new Deputy Chief and our Council,” she says.

Christina Peters, who has served as a councillor with Ta’an Kwach’an Council for the past three years, was elected as Deputy Chief. She says that she is honored to serve the citizens of the First Nation, and that she is committed to honoring and upholding their competition.
Both Kristina Kane’s and Christina Peter’s terms will last for three years.


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