The Canada Day Skate Competition

The Canada Day Skate Competition

By Ashwin Freyne

Video by Agnieszka Pajor and Harrison Coyne.


The Canada Day Skate Competition is a Whitehorse tradition.  For over 10 years, BYTE (Bringing Youth Towards Equality) has organized the event at  the Second Heaven Skate Park in Whitehorse.  However, this year was an exception – the competition still took place on July 1st, but for the first time, the event went on the road and skaters of all ages flocked to the Yáan át lòon gooch (Look Out Hill) Skatepark in Carcross.  



The Carcross skatepark officially opened to the public September of 2018, and has been a popular spot for territory skaters, scooter riders and BMX riders alike.  The competition drew about a dozen skaters, mostly from Whitehorse as well as over 40 spectators from the community and beyond.   Given the age, and dilapidated state of the Whitehorse Skatepark the change of location offered some exciting new opportunities for the skaters who travelled to the community for the event.



Features like a halfpipe, a hip transfer, a drop in bowl and a rhythm section were built in Carcross but are not present in Whitehorse and it was clear that the athletes were taking full advantage of them. Large transfers, high speed lines and impressive flip tricks were hallmarks of many of the sets, and the creative use of the park was exciting to watch.  The competition gave each skater two 2 minute sets to impress  the three judges and the spectators and fans were not disappointed.



Titles were awarded in the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories as well as best trick prizes for tricks over the hip transfer and on the manual pad.  Results from the competition are listed below.  

Beginner Category: 

1st Place – Stian Langbakk 

2nd Place – Lucas Robinson

3rd Place – Julie Laliberte

Intermediate Category: 

1st Place – Ashwin Freyne

Advanced Category: 

1st Place: Patty Robinson 

2nd Place: Brandon 

3rd Place: Eric Johnson 

Best Trick on the manual pad: Matthew Robinson 

Best Trick on the hip transfer: Max Melvin-McNutt 

If you weren’t able to make it out to Carcross for this year’s competition, or if you are simply craving more skating there will be another skate competition at the Second Heaven Skatepark in Whitehorse towards the end of August, with exact dates to come.


Line: The route a skater takes through the park

Manual Pad: A low box that can be ollie’d onto, manualed and grinded

Flip Tricks: Any trick where the board is spun, or flipped before being landed on

Hip Transfer: Skating from one ramp to another, especially when ramps are perpendicular to each other 

Dropping In: Skating down a vertical ramp, starting with the tail of the board on the edge of the ramp, and leaning in

Rhythm Section: Skatable path with smooth ups and downs.




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