The Basketball ID camp


The Basketball ID camp


By Maria Rose Sikyea.

Video by Agnieszka Nishka Pajor



🏀 Kiiwaadin Swan, 16, is a talented Gwich’in youth, who has been playing basketball since grade six. The basketball Head Coach, Colin Teramura, who has returned for a second time, being a NAIG Head Coach, referred to him and his team mates as “Living and Breathing Basketball”.

⛹🏽‍♂️ The 15 team players, aged 13-19, showed great passion at the Basketball ID camp, having respectful sportsmanship and were all in a equality attitude, while having great fun, throwing ball. Truely impressive how many balls through the hoop, within 4 hours, from all ages!

🙌🏽 There were about a dozen potential players who were not at the intake session and it is believed Yukon may have two teams representing at NAIG this July, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

🏅 Come out and lets cheer on, these amazing team players!🎖




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