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Why become a member?

Here’s a few good reasons.

Why Become A Member?

The reason to become a members is to gain experience, to learn, connect, and to have fun sharing the wonder of your community and its history. Our Elders and Seniors have vital knowledge to share with us. You have a personal perspective. Together, there is a creative opportunity to document history through story, photography and song.

We would like you to join us, and we would like to pay for your successfully published products.

What Do Members Receive?

Members can receive income by creating an ONLINE STORE to sell their products or by producing stories and videos about their community.  In essence you can become JOURNALISTS and VENDORS for fun or to make a few extra bucks. Your Community organization, School and/or individual can utilize the stores to promote sales.

Who Can Become A Member?

Members can be ANY AGE, but you will be required to have a PAYPAL account to make the store function and receive payments from your customers.  If you can not get an account, perhaps a friend or family member can assist. Membership is free and we hope you can benefit from this opportunity, we hope you can have respect for our website and others who use our service.

How To Collect money You Earn?

PUBLISHING – If your story is published to our main website, this means it has passed the editing stage. You will be contacted by the editor and funds can be transferred to your store account. 

YOUR STORE – If someone purchases a product from your store, funds will be transfered to your PayPal account by the customer who has purchased your item.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell NEW or USED items, digital art or designs, crafts, photographs or even services.  We do not allow any profanity or adult content. You CAN NOT sell your parents, and parents CAN NOT sell their children.



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