Senior REM 2019

Senior REM 2019

Photos and videos by the Vlogging and Videography session participants.

Shakat’s team was at REM again!

This time we turned the classroom into a movie set and produced a short commercial of an Eject-a-bed, a device that helps people get out of bed in the morning.

Additionally, we interviewed a few individuals and created a documentary about REM.

We also plunged into the fascinating world of vlogging and youtubing.

It was such a pleasure and an honour to be the part of 2019 Senior REM!


REM stands for Rural Experiential Model. Grades 10-12 students and educators from ten communities gathered in Dakwäkäda/Haines Junction for a week of engaging hands-on activities, facilitated by Yukon experts, including Yukon First Nations Elders and Knowledge-Keepers.  The Senior REM is a unique, experiential approach that allows students to pursue their personal learning interests and connect with their peers in other Yukon communities. Senior REM participants earn two Fine Art or Applied Skill credits for completing intensive daytime sessions and evening learning activities.






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