Margo Talbot is an author, speaker and climber based in Canmore, Alberta. She works with youth-at-risk, addictions programs, and organizations looking to enhance their well being through a focus on vitality in the workplace. A sponsored athlete with Outdoor Research, her travels have taken her from the High Arctic to Antarctica, and the mountain ranges in between.

Climbing Out Of Addiction

She is the co-author of Waterfall Ice Climbs in the Canadian Rockies, the author of All That Glitters: A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression, and the creator of The Vitality Spectrum, an essential tool for both recovery and optimal mental health as outlined in her 2013 TEDx talk (150,000+ views as of August 2018).

All That Glitters

Keynote September 19th, 9:30 am

In this keynote presentation, Margo shares “boots on the ground” tools and techniques that brought her from the abyss of addiction and suicidal depression to being a celebrated athlete in the extreme sport of ice climbing. Giving equal credit to wilderness adventures and key relationships that she forged along the way, Margo delves into the reason adventure therapy helps with the symptoms of trauma – anxiety, depression and addiction – as well as the key traits shared by the people who were able to help her along the way. Her goal is to enhance your professional took kit for helping clients struggling with these same issues.

Vitality Spectrum Workshop

Registered Experience September 20th, 4:30 pm

Ever wondered what happened to that carefree energy you had as a child? The quick answer is: it got covered up by the programming of society and the stresses of adult life. The good news is: your natural state of vitality has simply been dimmed, and with the right tools, you can reclaim it at any time. In this workshop, you will learn the tools and techniques that brought one woman from the brink of suicidal depression to living the full and meaningful life she lives today.