Junior Rem 2019.

Junior REM 2019.

Photos by the participants of Junior REM: Taylor Shorty, Marissa Piercey and Rhys Devlin.

Video by Agnieszka Pajor (click the above picture).

The fourth Junior REM was just hosted in Tse Zul-Faro, the traditional Kaska Dena territory of the Ross River Dena Council.

Eighty Grades 7/8 students and twenty-five educators from Carcross, Carmacks, Dawson City, Faro, Haines Junction, Mayo, Pelly Crossing, Ross River, Teslin and Watson Lake gathered in Tse Zul-Faro, for two days of engaging hands-on activities.  REM was facilitated by eighty Yukon experts, including Yukon First Nations Elders and Knowledge/Wisdom Keepers. The Junior REM is a unique, experiential approach that offers students a two-day holistic program of integrated traditional and modern 21st century teaching and learning designed to connect students with their heritage, cultures, and traditions and strengthen their cultural, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. The REM also enables students to connect with their peers from other rural Yukon communities.









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