Dan Curtis Drops In

Dan Curtis Drops InBY SKYLER ISAAC

On Tuesday, September 11th, City of Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis dropped in to visit the Youth Of Today Society.

The Mayor took a tour of the building before sitting down to answer some questions that the Shakat Journal team had come up with. The visit was cordial and informative.

This discussion with the Mayor included such pertinent issues as youth homelessness, support for youth who are impoverished or unable to find employment, aging out of foster care, and even the fact that Curtis and his team are not fully aware of all of the issues that the people of his city face.

“I’m ignorant to a lot of things that are of concern,” he admits, “and when I do hear about them, I work very hard with our administration to see if we can help in some way.

“Don’t keep it to yourself,” he says, “Reach out and share your experience, your solution, your idea or your concern for the challenges that our community is facing. Any individual person can come to talk to me at any time. Send me an email, give me a call. I’d love to hear your ideas and we can work together on a solution.”

Curtis was elected Mayor in October of 2012, and in the time since he has proven that he is willing to champion youth agendas. “If we don’t have strong and vibrant youth in our community,” he says, “then our community will die. I think we’ve seen that in other communities as well; when your youth goes, your life goes. Your creativity goes.”

Dan Curtis can be reached via email at dan.curtis@whitehorse.ca


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