The Canadian Outdoor Summit – The collective effort of Adventure Programming.

Franz Plangger

Something very exciting is brewing over the horizon. It is national, it is collaborative, and it will support all outdoor and adventure programs. The Canadian Outdoor Summit will be 12 months after CATS 7 and is the opportunity to highlight the value of our programs for society and create standards supporting administrators and field staff alike.

This workshop offers something unique. It will be your chance to speak about your dreams, challenges and solutions for the outdoor community while knowing that your collective wisdom will be intentionally brought to the Canadian Outdoor Summit and enrich this national project focused on going from talking about change to making it happen.

Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards (SEAS): On the Land Programming for Stewardship and Capacity Building in Indigenous Communities in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest.

Zahra Remtulla

We will share the promising practices we have identified and the lessons we have learned in the last 6-8 years of support Emerging Leaders programming in BC. This includes looking at how to integrate land-based activities / SEAS programming into the core school curriculum and how to build impactful, sustainable and resilient programs. We will also ask participants to share their own experiences with programs they are involved in to enrich the

discussion and learning for everyone.

This presentation will probably be most interesting for administrators and those looking to develop or enhance land-based or experiential education programming within Indigenous communities or within schools (those interested in the process of doing this and the stumbling blocks that may be encountered, the practices facilitate success, the outcomes can be achieved through these programs, etc.).

Outdoor expedition benefits: How and why? The influence of the Group.

Virginie Gargano Ph.D

Beyond showing new research data, this presentation underlines the role of social work in spreading new knowledge in adventure therapy. The goal of this presentation is to expose the results of a doctorate thesis on that particular theme, with subjects who took part in an 18-day expedition. The data are examined through the theoretical framework of helping factors. Conducted with 23 college students, this qualitative research aims to identify the active Helping Factors in an educational

program that takes place in natural outdoor and adventure settings. This general objective can be broken down into two specific objectives: 1. To identify which Helping Factors emerge in group interventions in experiences in natural outdoor and adventure settings; and 2. To determine their relative importance, according to the perspectives of the participants. Furthermore, the aspects related to the feasibility of this program, who runs since more than 40 years, will be highlighted.

Teachings, protocols and history: Hands on experience with the power of the drum. 

Doronn Fox

This workshop will consist of open discussions on the history of indigenous teachings, protocols and ways of being and living both past to present.  Also working through how that differs, defines and equates to today’s society in indigenous populations. Both with youth, elders and adults roles and responsibilities.  How the past differs from today and how we can learn, utilize, relate and reintegrate past ways of being into our daily lives now. 

The drum will be used to speak on teachings, spirituality, cultural protocols, standards, relationship and connection to our past within these ways of being. We will go over the process of making the drum from start to finish and speaking on the many different drums around North America in indigenous cultures. Elders and youth will be involved to support in this workshop.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yukon: Nature as a Mentor

Angela Krueger

During the ‘Nature as a Mentor’ workshop, participants will learn about the multiple ways of sensing nature and how our biases affect our interpretation of nature’s mentorship. Through a4-part exercise, the group will explore how our senses, permission seeking, directly asking

for nature’s help through art and expressing gratitude deepen our connection and trust in nature as a mentor. Participants will come away from the workshop with their minds open to seeing nature as a mentor and some tools on how to communicate with nature through art.

Nature-Based Therapy: Helping community and family grow strong roots.

Katy Rose MA RCC & Sarah Duncan MA RCC

This workshop aims to leave participants with the inspiration and tools they need to develop accessible, engaging, and effective nature-based therapy programming within their home communities. We will share our breadth of experience delivering successful therapeutic services in community, within the school system, and at the family system level. This workshop will demonstrate how the nature-based therapy approach can be such a powerful way to meet the mental

health needs of not just teenagers, but also elementary and middle school aged kids- addressing the growing concern of anxiety, emotion-regulation, social skills, and self-worth. Along with sharing some of the key ingredients to community-based programming in nearby nature, we will take participants through an experiential flow of some of our favourite activities to motivate children’s passions.


James Caspersen

In this workshop participants will become comfortable using an evidence-based method for helping individuals thinking of suicide keep safe and how to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community. suicideTALK invites all participants—regardless of prior training or experience—to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their community. Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question “Should we talk about suicide?” By looking at this question in a number of different ways, session members can discover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their communities—and in themselves.

suicideTALK participants learn:

  • How suicide is a serious community health problem that is often misunderstood
  • How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety
  • How the steps taught in LivingWorks’ safeTALK program can be used to help prevent suicide
  • How to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community

ᓄᕐᕋᐃᑦ Nurrait|Jeunes

Henri-Bastien Gendreau & Valerie Raymond

ᓄᕐᕋᐃᑦ Nurrait|Jeunes Karibus is a non-profit organization created in 2015 which offers different outdoor intervention programs across the 14 communities of Nunavik (Québec, Canada) in order to promote personal and social development amongst Nunavik youth. Our objectives are to allow our participants to improve their personal and social skills, to adopt healthier life habits, to increase their community engagement, to consolidate their traditional knowledge and to encourage their employability.

Through our presentation we intend to share our history, our achievements and our dreams but also our vision of adventure education and therapy. In the past few years, either by cross country ski or by kayak, we travelled many kilometres and faced many challenges during our expeditions on the land. We now wish to show the courage, the resilience and the commitment of all those Inuit teenagers that welcome us in their life. Therefore, we have documented this adventure and are ready to present it to you.

Universal Design in Adventure – How to Make Adventure Accessible to All Abilities

Alex Thompson

A hybrid (theory and hands on) experience where participants will explore Universal Design (UD) principles and their application to physical activity and community recreation. Learn how UD can support your teaching methods and the learning process for program participants. It is not just about participation but achievement for All! Discover practical resources that will empower your practice as you enable program participants of diverse abilities to engage on a

journey of life long health and wellness. 

Workshop participants will: understand universal design principles to develop adventure based programming for all abilities, participate in labs and small group exercises to practice/learn the application of UD to teaching methods, become familiar with a variety of resources/tools to adapt programming for all abilities.

A Therapeutic Intervention Program for young adults suffering from anxiety – A pilot project in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec.

Dr. Isabelle Bradette & Dr. Marie-Eve Langelier & Mrs. Roxanne Letourneau

Adventure therapy programs are new in the current medical field in the province of Quebec and we, as physicians and health professionals, strongly believe that it has a lot to offer. We decided to work on a pilot project involving young adults who experience anxiety traits as it is a very common and morbid condition. Our project will take place during spring of 2019 and the expedition is planned in early June 2019.

This project and the preliminary results would be presented at CATS. Part of the presentation would also aim at presenting the different ways, we took in order to be able to develop such an innovative project in collaboration with a medical clinic and a medical training university program.

Skookum Jim Friendship Centre

Patrick Brown

Workshop description coming soon

It is coming soon, the workshop description

VIDEA – Shared Wisdom

Hillary Ronald & Stormy Bradley

Description coming soon. This presentation will support concepts of diversity and inclusion.

Outward Bound Canada

Brendan Madden

Workshop description coming soon

It is coming soon, the workshop description

Boys & Girls Club Yukon

Emily Howard & Oliver Bulpitt

Emily and Oliver will be presenting on child and youth programs that focus on connected learning through engagement with local Elders and Seniors.

City of Whitehorse

Adrienne Marsh

Workshop description coming soon

It is coming soon, the workshop description

Yukon Chamber of Mines

Samson Hartland

Description coming soon.

Soon, it is coming.