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You know that two days is not enough time to fall in love with the Yukon, here are a few extra adventures to add to your visit. Come and enjoy this taste of what the north has to offer.

Yukon experiences, activities and events are hosted, organized and supported by the outfitter advertised. CATS7 will continue to add experiences until May 20th 2019. Due to potentially unforeseen climate and external conditions all Yukon experiences, activities and events may be cancelled or changed at the discretion of the outfitter. Registered delegates only will be informed of that activities change or cancelation. we can post and the CATS7 steering committee can review and let us know of changes at the next meeting.

September 18th

Carcross /Southern Lakes Tour

The ‘Carcross/Southern Lakes’ Tour is a great opportunity to escape for a half day and see the reasons why we live and play here. Enjoy a scenic relaxing drive in a photographer’s paradise of diverse landscapes including Yukon mountain countryside landscape, Emerald Lake, the historic cultural village of Carcross, Bennett Lake, White Pass Railway, the Carcross Desert, Bove Island, Yukon sign on Tagish Lake, and the Carcross Learning Centre. We will pick up right from the conference centre or hotel and begin the tour right from there, then after the tour is complete, return guests to the conference centre in time for dinner.

Time 4.0 hrs $128.25 per person

Meet & Greet at Lumel Studio

Beginning at 5:30 come join us at Lumel studio for a night of food, mingling and red-hot liquid glass. Food and Drinks sponsored by Winterlong Brewing Co. and Wandering Bison

$5 at the door

THIS EVENT IS SOLD-OUT Up North Adventure Bucket List Day Paddle

Enjoy a 6 hour paddle that starts in Whitehorse and takes you to the beginning of Lake Leberge. Tour starts at 9:00am and includes transportation, Includes hotel drop-off pick-up, lunch, snacks and refreshments.

Time 4.0 hrs $128.25 per person

September 20th

Takhini Hot Springs & Dinner at Wayfarer

The Takhini Hot Springs nestled in the Yukon Wilderness is a fantastic, relaxing getaway where guests can enjoy the calming, naturally hot mineral water! Our guides will pick up the guests right from the conference centre or hotel and will drive 25 minutes to the northern countryside of Whitehorse. On the way, your fantastic guide will be happy to share their informative & passionate stories about the north and knowledge of what life in the North is all about! Guests need to bring a swim suit, towel and sandals or they can rent directly from the hot springs. Pick-up from the KDCC at 4:30pm – getting them to the HS at 5pm, then pick back up at 6:30pm, delivered back to hotel in time for dinner at 7pm.

Time 2.5hrs $47.50 per person *includes admission, please bring swimsuit, towel, sandals, (or extra money to rent those items from the Hot Springs directly)

THIS EVENT IS SOLD-OUTNorthern Lights Tour

Dinner at Klondike Rib & Salmon at 6:00. We will pick you up at your hotel at 10 pm. We’ll then drive for about 25 minutes to the heated viewing facility out of town to avoid the disturbing lights of the city (light pollution). At the viewing site we offer hot drinks and snacks. There will be a campfire outside as well for you to sit around, roast marsh mallows and enjoy the quiet and clear winter night and of course the breathtaking Aurora Borealis displays. At around 2:30 am we will return you to your hotel.

Time 4.5hrs $90.00 +5% GST per person + Dinner

Vitality Spectrum – Margo Talbot

Ever wondered what happened to that carefree energy you had as a child? The quick answer is: it got covered up by the programming of society and the stresses of adult life. The good news is: your natural state of vitality has simply been dimmed, and with the right tools, you can reclaim it at any time. In this workshop, you will learn the tools and techniques that brought one woman from the brink of suicidal depression to living the full and meaningful life she lives today.


Archery Tag and Swim

Put your bow and arrow skills to the test in a fun game of archery tag followed by a swim, sauna or hot tub at the Canada Games Centre. Please bring your own swim suit, towel and sandals.

Evening Paddle & Dinner at Miners Daughter

Evening paddle from McCrae to Schwatka Lake & Dinner at Miners Daughter starts at 4:30, dinner at 7:00 pm

Brews & Views Tour

Get whisked away to Winterlong Brewing for a Tasting Flight & Grazing Board in their bright and friendly Tasting Room. On the way back to town, we’ll take the scenic route down to Miles Canyon for a wander above the basalt canyon walls and brilliant teal water of the Yukon River. 


4:30pm – p/u @ KDCC

4:45pm – d/o @ Winterlong – flight & snacks 5:45/6pm – drive to Miles Canyon for a tour there

6:45/7pm – d/o in downtown core (either at hotels or at a restaurant if they desire)

Includes: Transport, beer flight and snacks, tour of Miles Canyon.

 $69 (includes GST) 

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