The first time we met Bobbi Rose was the day we set off on the River Nation: “JourneyThrough the Bloodlines” canoe trip. “What a nice, but shy girl”, we thought. However, during the two-week canoe expedition from Whitehorse to Dawson City showed that our initial impression of her was all wrong. As soon as she was on the water and in her comfort zone; Bobbi-Rose changed completely. That was when we witnessed a strong, reliable, caring, warm-hearted and commanding leader. Our trip would have been a very different experience without her expertise and guidance. What follows is just a taste of Bobbi-Rose’s story to date.

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Turning Up the Volume on Yukon’s Untold Stories

In 1999 Eileen Vance-Duchesne published an article about Kate Carmack’s untold story in a publication entitled Our Home. Having listened to Elders explain that the true discoverer of the gold, catalyzing the Klondike gold rush, was in fact Kate Carmack and not her husband George Carmack, Eileen decided this story needed to be told. “It really tore at my heart, for a woman that was on the same journey as them, that struggled the same struggles as them , for her to not get her appropriate recognition.” When I sat down with  Eileen this past month it became clear to me she has a passion for raising attention to the stories of people who are typically swept under the rug. But this hardworking woman isn’t just talking about stories from the past, she’s breathing new life into them and carrying forward stories that are happening right now while working as Executive Assistant to Chief Doris Bill.

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Teagyn Vallevand

Teagyn Vallevand stands resplendent, royally garbed in her Rendezvous regalia. She is adorned in a button blanket and a headdress. The color arrangement for these articles consists of a bold red and black. The headdress features exquisitely-beaded ornaments, and the rear of her button blanket is covered in traditional First Nations art.

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