Yukon Native Hockey Tournament

“We used to play a lot of hockey back then, because that was all the sport we had during the long winter months,” says William Carlick describing his early days in sport at the Lower Post Residential School in northern British Columbia. Now he is the Elder Rep for Team North in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC), and he could not be happier that Whitehorse hosted the 2019 event.

Yukon Heliski Indigenous Youth Camp.

In March 2018, Yukon Heli hosted its first indigenous youth camp in Fraser, BC. Over two days they invited various indigenous youth from the Yukon and northern BC to experience the world of heli-skiing. The goal of the two-day camp on March 24th -25th was to connect local indigenous youth to the different working opportunities in the ski and snowboard industry.

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RiverNation – Journey Through The Bloodlines

Our Water, Our Land, Our People.“When you look at the hard times, you say ‘this is what I need from you and the rest I don’t need no more’ you never look back at it again; because it will come forward to meet you again. And part of that healing is your journey for tomorrow, and the next day, that’s the plan you have to stick with.” – Elder Besha BlondinRiver Nation: Journey Through the Bloodlines, began as a project to learn about Yukon First Nation governance.

Pop Culture Smash Three

Imagine this: All of your favourite characters: Ness, Mario, and Sonic, or Spider-man, Hulk, and Doctor Strange, all joining forces, or even duking it out. These are the things that you thought of while playing with your actions figures in the sandbox as a kid. (back when people actually took them out of the box). Then, you sit down in front of the TV and see that wonderful advertisement, showcasing all of your childhood heroes joining forces for an Ultra Exciting TV Special! “X-men fighting Spiderman? What!? They’re not even from the same comics!” Or maybe it’s a video game that allows you to fight your friends as your own respective video game hero of choice…

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