The Last Supper

There were four of them in the past they say, a time previous to this story. They were friends in an unforgiving wilderness, family as it were. As odd as it may seem, they each had their unique quirk and quack that echoed across the valley and down the Yukon River that runs north towards Dawson City. They lived on the edge of isolation next to Kirkman Creek in a house that surely inspired Jim Rob’s art and paintings. As time usually does, and as nature always stays true to nature, three of the four ducks met their own extraordinary, untimely and unimaginable deaths. One was taken by an eagle; and the two others, on separate occasions, were snatched by wandering foxes that could not or would not pass up the opportunity of an easy meal. As luck may have it, the surviving one of the four domesticated ducks stood the test of time, defied the odds and waddled his way out of countless, perilous situations that would have ruffled the feathers of even the most seasoned of sourdoughs.

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