The Canada Day Skate Competition

The Canada Day Skate Competition is a Whitehorse tradition.  For over 10 years, BYTE (Bringing Youth Towards Equality) has organized the event at  the Second Heaven Skate Park in Whitehorse.  However, this year was an exception – the competition still took place on July 1st, but for the first time, the event went on the road and skaters of all ages flocked to the Yáan át lòon gooch (Look Out Hill) Skatepark in Carcross.  

The Carcross skatepark officially opened to the public September of 2018, and has been a popular spot for territory skaters, scooter riders and BMX riders alike.  The competition drew about a dozen skaters, mostly from Whitehorse as well as over 40 spectators from the community and beyond.   Given the age, and dilapidated state of the Whitehorse Skatepark the change of location offered some exciting new opportunities for the skaters who travelled to the community for the event.

Weed Wednesday.

The date is October 17th, 2018. It is 10:45 in the morning and the sky above is overcast and grey.Despite the dull weather, the group of people standing in line are anything but dreary. The line has been growing at a steady pace for the last half an hour, and everyone is an a cheery mood. They are waiting for the retail store in front of them to open.

Advocacy In Bloom

When in Whitehorse, where can children and youth, or those who may have concerns about the young people in their lives, go during hard times? The youth assistance landscape in the Yukon is not so barren. For years organizations such as the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre, the Boys & Girls Club, BYTE: Empowering Youth and the Shakat Journal’s own Youth of Today Society, have been providing necessary services and support to youth at risk. One service provider in town that many may not have heard of is the Yukon Child & Youth Advocate Office which opened in 2010. This office is located in downtown Whitehorse across from the old library. The mission statement is a simple one:

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Leaving Vegan

I was vegetarian.It was no fling, oh no. In fact it was the longest commitment of my life, from age 14 to 27. Protect the animals! I thought, ‘How can you possibly eat your animal friends?’. Though, I will be honest, it wasn’t all giggly piglets and twinkly eyed lambs; sometimes it sucked. My choices at restaurants were often limited *sob* and I was constantly plagued by fatigue.

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Homelessness in Yukon: Under Whitehorse’s Snowy Clean Blanket

By day, the town of Whitehorse is coated in a layer of something resembling beauty. The snow falls, covering the environment in its lovingly crafted flakes. Gainfully employed citizens commute to and from their jobs, breathing in the crisp air and enjoying it while it lasts, before eventually being safely ensconced within a comfortably-heated building, one they know will always be there to shelter them from the environment, from harm.

The Opioid Crisis

Over the past few years, Canada has seen epidemic levels of overdoses and deaths because of one highly potent substance. The agent is odourless, colourless, and an amount the size of two grains of salt can kill you. It is easily mixed with any type of drug and is undetectable with most at home drug tests. Something that we may only associate with Vancouver’s East Hastings can in fact devastatingly impact any person, of any standing. It happens to the junkies, the hungry ghosts, the dwellers of our country’s underbelly, to gangs, in dark alleyways, but it also happens to people like me. It is a boogeyman of the inner city’s, a hovering spectre of the party scene, waiting to fall on its next victim and suck the spirit from their body. It is called Fentanyl, its family is Opiates, and it does not discriminate.

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Dave Jackson – The Wheel To Succeed

The dark morning hours are reserved for athletes, working hard before the sun peeks over the horizon to whisk them away. Dave Jackson, one of Yukon’s best cyclists, is among those athletes. The category four cyclist, placed ___ in his age group at the 2017 Canada Summer Games. One does not reach this level of athleticism without grit, and the all-or-nothing will to succeed. It seems that Dave’s will to make his mark on the world was born with him. He has overcome an infinite amount of obstacles to become the strong competitor and accomplished man he is today. He lives by his hero Rocky Balboa’s quotes: “Every champion was once a contender.”

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