Archery Craft Workshop in Teslin. 

🏹 SSDIC funded this Archery Workshop in the town of Teslin, home to the Teslin Inland Tlingit First Nation. The program was instructed by Jose Martinez Amoedo, who has been known for his exceptional craftsmanship throughout North America 🗣 🙌🏽 The participants were taught how to make a plains style quiver out of hide and on the second day, how to make arrows. They were also taught on how to safely and responsibly hunt big and small animals, with a bow and arrow 🦌

She/Ze Leads the World – Yukon Women’s Leadership Summit interview with Tracy Themes

She/Ze Leads the World – Yukon Women’s Leadership Summit interview with Tracy Themes By, Melia Hudgin & Jamie Lee Roberts I’m Tracy themes and I am a co-founder of Sophia Financial Group, which is a feminist financial advisory firm in Vancouver, BC. I’m actually a Financial Advisor, so that means that I am one of […]

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Senior REM 2019

Shakat’s team was at REM again! This time we turned the classroom into a movie set and produced a short commercial of an Eject-a-bed, a device that helps people get out of bed in the morning. Additionally, we interviewed a few individuals and created a documentary about REM. We also plunged into the fascinating world of vlogging and youtubing. It was such a pleasure and an honour to be the part of 2019 Senior REM!

The Forgotten Art of Moosehide Canoes

There are tools and gear everywhere in the wall tent that Doug Smarch works in.  Some are modern pieces of equipment like hand planers, some are traditional tools that I have never seen before and others look like they were specifically built for this project.  As I approached the “workshop”, Smarch is pulling two, long spruce planks from a steaming plastic pipe, explaining that this is home-made wood steamer he invented for boat building.

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Convocation in Inuvik.

Graduation is a day that makes all the late nights staying up late to complete your assignments pay off. The second you begin the walk up to the stage to receive your diploma, that sense of accomplishment and relief is almost overwhelming. Each moment of that day is burned into the memory of every student, along with that of their families and friends.

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