The Animal Mother mural in Carcross

The Animal Mother mural in Carcross

By Melia Hudgin.



During the summer of 2019, Sacred Brush set out to the small community of Carcross to paint a mural telling the Tlingit story of the “Animal Mother.” The project included five youth, including three from the community of Carcross, who participated in painting the mural. Five older youth instructors were also there offering to pass on their skill. The first couple days were spent in workshops learning about the basics of photography, journalism and radio. In between sessions participants practiced practicing form-line, which is the traditional art of the northern First Nations. Once we started painting the mural, we would rise every morning at around 8:00 am  and we would head over to the tent located just around the corner from the campground and we would paint until 4:30-5:00 pm. But that was not the end of the fun. We hiked together and most nights we would go to the beautiful Bennet Beach and we would sit by the fire and play cards until the sunset. This whole experience was amazing.





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