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Our Northern cultured climate exudes passion and the urge to reveal uniquely spoken stories. The lanscapes lend us moments we capture for scrutiny and observation as colour speaks a universal language of love. Lightly spiced our young story-tellers have a unique blend of innocence with wisdom.


Living Healthy Is Easy

Opportunity to release the stories that cage and hold our minds captive is our vision. Reconciliation and understanding our native history enriches all of us as we reach out for knowledge.


Simple, Tasty Recipes

New magazines are like shinny objects that need to be touched. Our approach to community advertising and corporate inclusions makes for an efficient mix of awareness and education. ShakatClubs inspire all youth minded people to be creative.

To Our Valued Sponsors

The Shākāt Journal is a Millennial centric magazine; and as a Millennial run magazine, we have an innovative approach to advertising that set our sponsors apart. Shākāt Journal is focused on all young people in the Yukon and their unique stand point about issues that concern them directly. It also ignites an understanding between First Nations and non-First Nations culture while celebrating the beauty of multiculturalism. Not to mention, these young people have considerable spending power and access spending choices through modern payment systems like smartphones, credit and debit cards.

As an online multimedia magazine, Shākāt Journal supplements the print publication and hosts weekly online editions ( that incorporate video, audio, photography, and podcasts. Our progress in media services is moving towards a partnership and weekly shows on radio and Northwestel’s Channel 9. The Shākāt Journal however, is not just a publication; it is a social program. The ultimate goal is to provide the means for our young Yukoners to thrive. Through art and media education we can support northern youth with tools to express themselves in healthy and productive ways. Young people working on the project receive training they will carry into the rest of their lives. Shākāt is one-part job training, one-part reconciliation mixed with professional mentors to produce quality products.

We take our advertisers and sponsors seriously and bring them on the road with us to teach in communities, we take them with us to events and promote them throughout our social media outlets. Please join us in our quest to bring the very best exposure to your business or organization. It is money well spent, it is a smart target for marketing, and we each want to succeed in our venture. We have packages to suit any budget, and some levels even receive a charitable receipt for contributing. We ask only a bit of your time to meet with you to discuss any and all of our opportunities. Please contact Lancelot Burton at 867-333-9219 or Nina Shetsiruli at 867-334-0993 to meet.

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