Black & White Album Project

The purpose of the Black & White album project was to bring youth in Whitehorse together. It was meant to act as a common ground where they could put their differences such as age, money, race, where they come from, aside and make some good rhythmic music. The musical talent in this town often goes unnoticed. With that in mind, we decided to go looking for underground artist in the Whitehorse area. It did not take long to find some incredible people who never had the chance to record in a professional studio. While we were hard at work, we also had a lot of fun, making it less work and more of a passion, which is needed in today’s society. Each and every artist that partook in the project agreed that they needed more music in their lives.

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Sean From The Yukon

“If you were to sit down and binge listen to Sean Balsillie’s YouTube channel (like I did), you may expect him to be a somber, heartsick young man as many of his songs cover familiar subjects of love, relationships and heartache. However, this is not the case. When I first met Sean this summer at the Moosehide Gathering, I was struck by how friendly, positive and conversational he was. This energy translates to his stage presence, which curiously contrasts with his sentimental style of music.”

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