Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man (Pop Culture Smash)

Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man (Pop Culture Smash) By: Alexander “River” Gatensby   Back in 1962, a legend was born. A young man was bitten by a spider in a lab, and his life was flipped, turned upside-down. Peter Parker, a 15-year old kid gained the power to climb walls, and the proportional strength of a spider, […]


Wired A Digital Attraction By: Skyler Isaac Upon its debut back in 1975, the Atari / Sears home Pong console sold 150,000 units. Last year alone the gaming industry brought in revenue totaling more than 90 billion dollars. Across the world, people spend over 3 billion hours a week immersed in their digital worlds. The […]

Spirit and the Masks

Spirit and the Masks The Story of What Was and What Will Be. A group of First Nations youth were tasked by CFYN to bring to life their idea of what First Nations education should look like. Lysander Daigeneault, Cassandra Kindness Miller, Nicholas Koe, and Robert Dean had 25 days to design, animate and record […]

PopCulture Smash! – Which Star Rules

PopCulture Smash! – Which Star Rules star wars vs star trek “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away”… countless pop-culture fans have debated on which sci-fi space film franchise best represents the egregiously popular genre. That’s right, I’m talking about “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. Ever since the release of George Lucas’s […]

Medallions of Hope

Medallions of Hope – Shākāt Journal As we pass through the tumultuous journey that is life, we constantly fight off monsters of all shapes and sizes. We are constantly plagued by feelings of depression, anger and despair. Some manage to fight them off a little easier than others, but everyone can do with a bit […]

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