The Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis BY PAIGE HOPKINS Over the past few years, Canada has seen epidemic levels of overdoses and deaths because of one highly potent substance. The agent is odourless, colourless, and an amount the size of two grains of salt can kill you. It is easily mixed with any type of drug and is […]

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Education Poster

Education Poster By Skyler Isaac   The poster is of painstaking design. The background is comprised of a light blue color, interspersed with blobs of white, characters and sketches. It’s like witnessing a discoloured whiteboard floating through the clouds. In the centre is a circular outline containing several illustrations designed and created by a score […]

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Teagyn Vallevand

Teagyn Vallevand By Skyler Isaac   Teagyn Vallevand: The Once and Future Queen Teagyn Vallevand stands resplendent, royally garbed in her Rendezvous regalia. She is adorned in a button blanket and a headdress. The color arrangement for these articles consists of a bold red and black. The headdress features exquisitely-beaded ornaments, and the rear of […]

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Dave Jackson – The Wheel To Succeed

Dave Jackson – The Wheel To Succeed by Cassis Lindsay The dark morning hours are reserved for athletes, working hard before the sun peeks over the horizon to whisk them away. Dave Jackson, one of Yukon’s best cyclists, is among those athletes. The category four cyclist, placed ___ in his age group at the 2017 […]

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Spirit and the Masks

Spirit and the Masks The Story of What Was and What Will Be. A group of First Nations youth were tasked by CFYN to bring to life their idea of what First Nations education should look like. Lysander Daigeneault, Cassandra Kindness Miller, Nicholas Koe, and Robert Dean had 25 days to design, animate and record […]

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