A Selective Honour

A Selective Honour On one of the hottest days in the Yukon’s short summer, a child travels down the Alaska Highway in a truck, towards a date with destiny. Jett Rudyk, a three-year-old Tlingit-Southern Tutchone child, listens as his mother tells him, “we’re having a party for you!” The Rudyk family’s destination is Klukshu Village, […]

Hiding In Plain Sight

A person, starving and homeless, will do anything to survive. But what do you trade when you have nothing to give? For women and a few men, their sexuality is all they have left. The sex trade in Whitehorse is a clandestine industry with a definite dark side. Not only is it a largely unrecognized problem, but it is far more common than people expect. Only once I had been given information about the sex trade in town did I realized how much is hidden from the public. To clarify, the sex trade itself is not a bad thing. In fact, there are some sex trade workers who are in control of their own business and are pleased with having an easy way to make good money.

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Upon its debut back in 1975, the Atari / Sears home Pong console sold 150,000 units. Last year alone the gaming industry brought in revenue totaling more than 90 billion dollars. Across the world, people spend over 3 billion hours a week immersed in their digital worlds. The popularity of video games has grown exponentially over the last four decades. They are especially popular among those in their mid-twenties to early thirties.

Van Lyfe

We live on wheels.In today’s society, the struggle for status, freedom and financial stability causes many to live life waiting for the next pay cheque. We constantly find ourselves swimming through our gift of this experience in what feels like we’ll never reach shore; debt has become so common from the expenses of life, often keeping us tied to the hamster wheel we believe will free us. This has caused many to make large investments of their life on the societal constructs of stability for the sake of comfort. What if we were willing to step out of our comfort zone to try an alternative option, helping us transcend past the construct of our society that has been imposed on us? There has been an increasing amount of popularity in alternative lifestyles emerging as a way to explore other options. One very intriguing example of this is living out of a van, whether parked or on the move. The people who choose this way to live can use it as a way of simplifying, saving, or traveling, depending on the way they shape it and what drives them to try it.

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Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man (Pop Culture Smash)

Back in 1962, a legend was born. A young man was bitten by a spider in a lab, and his life was flipped, turned upside-down. Peter Parker, a 15-year old kid gained the power to climb walls, and the proportional strength of a spider, and most importantly the power to blow our freaking minds with how awesome he is. Now, obviously this didn’t happen in real life (except for the blowing of said minds); Spider-man is the creation of writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. He’s a fictional comic book hero from the golden age of comic books.

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