Canadian Rangers.

What do you know about the Canadian Ranger Patrol (CRP)? For some, they are the people who wear military attire and run around in the backwoods playing war games — maybe with the hopes of one day being called upon to save the country in the Canadian Armed Forces.

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The Boy From The Tree.

What is that annoying sound? It is slowly getting louder and louder. My eyes lift open to see the alarm clock flashing and beeping, I lay a little long to build up the energy to roll over and shut the damn thing off.

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Coded Language.

By Tyler Quock Poetry from the streets of Whitehorse. I have spent a lot of time on the pavement of Whitehorse, digging deep for all the different reasons one can roam these darkened places. I have heard and seen more than I would care to share or admit. I watched as the wanderers scrounged, fed […]

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        “NO.” Forest hissed, his mother taking a step back. Forest and his mother, Megan, had been arguing about something small, like they always did. Forest always saw his mom as astilted woman. She had jet-black hair that reached her slim shoulders, and was a tall, curvy business woman. Forest, on the […]

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Yukon Heliski Indigenous Youth Camp.

In March 2018, Yukon Heli hosted its first indigenous youth camp in Fraser, BC. Over two days they invited various indigenous youth from the Yukon and northern BC to experience the world of heli-skiing. The goal of the two-day camp on March 24th -25th was to connect local indigenous youth to the different working opportunities in the ski and snowboard industry.

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