Skills Canada National Competition

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RiverNation – Journey Through The Bloodlines

River Nation: Journey Through the Bloodlines, began as a project to learn about Yukon First Nation governance. The Youth Of Today Society, along with its partners, coordinated a canoe trip for youth, to visit neighboring communities. The Journey was taken in Kwanlin Dun First Nation’s traditional dugout canoe and their support boats. Participating youth learned about the different governance structures of the First Nations situated on the banks of the historic Yukon River.

Sean From The Yukon

“If you were to sit down and binge listen to Sean Balsillie’s YouTube channel (like I did), you may expect him to be a somber, heartsick young man as many of his songs cover familiar subjects of love, relationships and heartache. However, this is not the case. When I first met Sean this summer at the Moosehide Gathering, I was struck by how friendly, positive and conversational he was. This energy translates to his stage presence, which curiously contrasts with his sentimental style of music.”

Reconciliation Through Awareness

Our team of young Indigenous leaders at Youth for Lateral Kindness address these questions through the facilitation of the Blanket Exercise. We believe that, for reconciliation to be attained, Canadians must have an understanding of Indigenous history – the good and the bad. The stories and history that we share, through our work, holds major significance in our community and for Indigenous people in Canada. Youth for Lateral Kindness is a small business based in Whitehorse, Yukon, and was co-founded by Teagyn Vallevand and myself, Aurora Hardy in 2016. Our team encourages healing and healthy behaviours among Indigenous youth and awareness among Yukoners.

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